Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mother's Day Crafting

Mother’s Day is tomorrow and we all know what that means - homemade gifts are coming! My children have given me candles with their messages & drawings stuck on, flower pots, hand print creations, paintings, macaroni art, and some of the other traditional crafts. I love them, but most of them end up in storage somewhere. My household is full of nerds & we will proudly tell anyone that this is a fact, so I thought we could come up with a nerdy craft for the kids & I to make together for their grandmother this year that wouldn’t collect dust. Most recently, my kids have gotten into Harry Potter. I know he’s been around for awhile, but can anyone really get tired of the magic? Turtle Mae is a Hufflepuff like her momma, but Turtle Monroe joined their grandmother in Slytherin (this does not bode well for her teen years - eek!). Both of my girls said we had to do something Harry Potter themed.

After spending way too much time browsing Pinterest, we decided on bath bombs in house colors. I borrowed from a few different posts to create our final recipe & we all loved the idea of putting them inside the mini plastic cauldrons. Grandma gets green for Slytherin, but we have to make some for us to play with as well of course! I had everything ready over a month ago, but I'm a true procrastinator & put it off until last minute. Yesterday was the day I realized I do not have another week like I thought I did so we finally got to work. I now have baking soda and mica powder everywhere, but the kitchen smells good & the bath bombs look great!

If you’d like to make your own, simply use the recipe below. The choice of food coloring and essential oil scent is up to you & helps make each bath bomb unique. After packing the cauldron halfway, you may also add a necklace, charm, pin, or other small item before adding more on top so that the recipient finds an added surprise. If your kids are in to Shopkins, those little plastic balls they come in are perfect for placing your hidden gift inside. Enjoy our pictures & have fun making your own whether they’re for a gift or a much deserved evening of pampering yourself!

What You'll Need:
3-4 Mini Plastic Cauldrons
1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup citric acid
1/2 cup epsom salt
3 Tbsp avocado oil
2 tsp essential oil
10 drops liquid dye for soap (use 5 drops each if mixing colors)

mica powder (your choice of color)
isopropyl alcohol

In a large bowl, mix the baking soda, citric acid, and epsom salt together. Make sure to remove all clumps (you can press them through a sifter if that's easier). If it is not well blended, your bath bombs may develop bumps on top.

In a small bowl, stir together your liquid ingredients. Be careful not to add too much color or you may end up staining the bathtub!

There are different ideas on the best way to add the liquid to the dry ingredients. Some prefer to put the liquid in a spray bottle and squirt a small amount at a time while using their hands to mix everything together. Some dump it all & then stir quickly before it fizzes up. I don't have the patience to use the spray bottle & I've always ended up with a fizzy mess when I add everything, so I pour a small amount of liquid at a time into the dry and mix quickly. This is also a good way to prevent your bath bomb mixture from being too wet which will cause cracking or crumbling later. The best consistency is like damp sand. You want it to hold when squeezed together and not crumble apart.

Using a small spatula or spreader, scoop a bit of the mixture at a time into the cauldron & pack it in firmly before adding the next scoop. If you are adding a hidden surprise, once the cauldron is about 1/3 full, pack some of the mixture on the sides and then drop it in the middle. Scoop more of the mixture on all sides of the surprise and pack it down before finishing filling the cauldron.

Allow your bath bomb to dry overnight. If you'd like to add some sparkle (makes it look magical!), add some isopropyl alcohol to a small spray bottle and spritz the tops of your cauldron. Dip your finger in the mica powder (you may want to use a glove for this step), and rub it gently on your bath bomb. You can add some white pearl mica to make it look a bit more swirly. Allow it to dry a bit more and then wrap your bath bomb in plastic wrap or use a small heat shrink bag to seal it up and keep moisture out until it is ready to use. Ta-da! Potions class dismissed!


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