Saturday, April 28, 2018

Surviving A Sleepover

Imagine having the scary night described in my previous post followed by a 10yo sleepover the next day. Yep. That was my weekend and, even though I’m pretty beat at this point, it wasn’t terrible. Careful planning is key when you’re having difficulty speaking and any movement is exhausting, but we pulled it off and the kids had fun.

Turtle Mae’s friend joined us yesterday after school for a sleepover and I knew it would be a challenge, but was determined not to disappoint the girls. The biggest concern was how to keep 3 girls occupied, happy, and fed while I could lounge on the couch and recover. I spent the morning and afternoon on the phone with various nurses because I promised I would call my primary care physician (PCP) & neurologist if anything changed which led to frequent callbacks throughout the day. Mostly though, I called because my mom & sister kept calling and texting until I did just that. The good news was that they didn’t want me to come in that day, but I am scheduled for next week tentatively and some of my medications were adjusted. The sleepover wouldn’t be derailed by a visit to the hospital for an MRI - one less worry taken care of.

Next up, food. Depending on their mood they can eat just a small amount or my entire food supply and it’s difficult to tell until the festivities start. I went online and scheduled delivery of a couple pizzas & sides, made sure the cupboards had plenty of snacks, and my hubby did the dishes so we would have plenty to dirty up again. I figured they could munch on pizza, popcorn, granola bars, chicken nuggets, sandwiches, fruit, carrots, cheese, and cereal without me having to cook. Done.

Delivery is a lifesaver when fatigue kicks in before a sleepover!

We already had our tickets to the Hounds, so I purchased an extra one right next to us and my hubby pulled out cash for treats at the game. We’ve got tons of movies and also an Amazon Fire Stick with lots of options so they would have plenty to keep them occupied for the evening. Batteries were placed in the Nerf squirt guns, cookie dough was thawed, hoverboards and video game controllers were charged, and we’re fortunate to have a swingset and woods to explore so that would be enough to keep them busy until her mother picked her up the next day. We were ready.

Ready for the game!

The only thing I wasn’t prepared for was just how much energy 3 young girls can have when they’re excited. How could I forget the late night shenanigans my friends & I had when we did sleepovers??? The shrieks, giggles, and running through the house and all the chaos that creates with 2 dogs did not help my headache, but they were having lots of fun and not really hurting anything. I’m definitely not going to shut down the memories being made since it’s not every day that a friend stays over, but I did send them outside several times when things got a bit too loud so I could keep my sanity and my poor hubby could get some sleep after working third shift.

Beautiful night for a game!

The kids cheered for the win, ate their fill, wore themselves out, and are already planning their next sleepover. I’m tired, but I regained my ability to speak without concentrating extra hard and will be returning to work tomorrow. We survived the weekend! I’m going to celebrate this by taking my medication, crawling upstairs to bed, and snuggling with the dog as I snore away my physical exhaustion. I was told I should cancel the sleepover and even stay home from the game, but I would’ve missed out on all the smiles & laughter. Either way I would be sitting down, so why not sit and watch the fun instead of skipping out on it entirely and feeling sorry for myself? Easy choice! Are there any tricks I overlooked? Feel free to let me know any extra secrets to surviving sleepovers so I can use them later!


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